Project Management

ENOIA acts as an experienced project management consultant for numerous Owners, EPC contractors and organizations worldwide, providing expert advice and ensuring that all projects are delivered on-time; within scope, budget and the projects risks are addressed properly. For over 30 years, ENOIA has proven itself as a trusted, strategic and truly international PMC, possessing experience and flexibility to suit every client’s exact requirements.

ENOIA can provide cost-effective project management solutions for oil & gas, refineries, power plants and water infrastructure projects to ensure the desired result is achieved, the most efficient resources are used and the different interests involved are satisfied.

Contract Management Services

ENOIA provides turnkey contract management solutions for a wide variety of projects in the energy, water and industrial sectors. ENOIA Contract Management’s Experts have vast experience guaranteeing the smooth and positive outcome of large and complex projects by producing the contractual documentation package, developing effective working relationships with contractors, monitoring the supplier/contractor’s performance against the contractual performances (time, quality, costs etc.), assessing the contractual effectiveness, managing contract reviews and variations, reporting to the main client on the contractor’s performance.

Construction Management

ENOIA has been working with multiple clients in the Oil & Gas, Industrial and Infrastructure sectors providing Construction Management services to guarantee that the project is completed and commissioned in time, within budget and with the required quality. Typically, ENOIA’s Construction Manager is in charge of providing and applying the Site Execution Plan including the Organization chart, Site Construction Schedule & Progress Reports, Coordination procedures between main contractor and all sub-contractors, HSE Manual, Works instructions and to manage the Site log book, Site and Project Quality Plan, Inspection and Testing Procedures, Acceptance Reports, Commissioning, Nonconformance Reports and Register and Variations Request Report and Register.

Pre-Bid Engineering Services

ENOIA specializes in pre-bid engineering support for oil and gas (upstream and downstream), industrial and water infrastructure projects by providing assistance to EPC Contractors in evaluating the bid design, identifying alternative construction options and materials, preparing conceptual design with related costs for each option and ultimately designing the most cost-effective engineering solution for any project requirement; without compromising quality and benefiting the client in terms of competitive pricing.

Safety Special Services

ENOIA provides Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) services for identifying, evaluating, and controlling the hazards of processes and minimizing future risks against personnel, facilities and the environment through a thorough and systematic approach developed and optimized during the last 30 years. ENOIA houses a multi-disciplinary team of engineers, process experts and safety professionals with vast experience in hazard and safety studies (i.e. HAZID/HAZOP) in multiple fields within the upstream, downstream, industrial and power sectors.

Feasibility Studies

At the inception of the project cycle, ENOIA supports its client by developing feasibility studies with the aim of evaluating the technical, economic and financial feasibility of the specific project, advising the client on the final “go/no-go” decision. During this stage, besides the technical and costing elements; ENOIA also addresses the environmental, social and safety implications of the proposed project activities, following the international standards provided by the main IFIs. For those projects which are then approved by the client, ENOIA takes a key role in the definition and structuring of the financial package for its implementation, supporting the client in finding investors interested in participating and in preparing all related documents and applications and in supporting the client during negotiations.

FEED Design

ENOIA through its FEED design consultancy can structure a comprehensive and methodical plan of the project by defining the project’s requirements and objectives before the project is initiated and capital investments are done. This is done by focusing on technical requirements, specifying personnel(s), materials and machinery required, providing highly detailed documentation outlining the scope of work and procurement requirements and estimating project costs and timelines. Due to its complexity and importance for the overall project outcome during FEED, ENOIA works directly alongside the client to facilitate the decision process at all critical stages of the design, when the crucial decision is taken.

Multi-disciplinary Detailed Engineering

ENOIA’s global network includes engineering excellence centers in Athens, Cairo, Dubai and Chennai with more than 400 engineers covering the following disciplines: Project, Process, Mechanical (Machinery and Technological), Composite Material Expertise, Piping (Above Ground, Under Ground, Stress), Electrical, Instrumentation & Control Systems Engineering, Civil & Structural Engineering as well as 3D administration, construction and supporting disciplines (Procurement, Project Control, Document Control, QA/QC, HSE).

Engineering Project Procurement Services

The ever-increasing competition in the Energy sector is pushing the EPC contractors to outsource their procurement requirements to organizations which specialize in their provision.

ENOIA offers project procurement services for a number of international clients by developing the Procurement Strategy, preparing the Vendors list, issuing to Vendors the Inquiry Packages (ITB, material requisitions etc.), managing Vendors queries at bid stage, tabulating Vendors bids, holding negotiation meetings with Vendors, placing purchase orders, preparing and executing the Inspection Plan, monitoring suppliers performance against specified requirements up to the issuance of the PO close-out report.

Advanced Piping Consultancy Services

ENOIA specializes in design and engineering of piping systems with particular expertise in the design of Fiberglass Reinforced Pipe Systems. It possesses a unique experience in the design of above ground and underground piping systems up to diameters of 4000mm providing a full range of services for composite, metallic and plastic pipe systems. These services include 3rd party piping consultancy, Fluid dynamic analysis (Surge and water hammer analysis) and fluid flow analysis, Flexibility and stress analysis, Development of isometric drawings from customer layout plans for above and underground installations, finite element calculation, failure analysis and Support design for aboveground installations.

Automotive Machine Design Solutions

Working alongside experienced Mechanical Engineers, ENOIA’s FEA, CAD, CAM and CAE teams can conduct various machine design services such as surface and solid modelling, fatigue analysis, thermal analysis and bolt pretension analysis. ENOIA can provide endless state-of-the-art machine computing and communication solutions for international automotive assembly plant facilities. ENOIA specializes in Linear Transfer Assembly Lines, Rotary Assembly Machines, Robotic Assembly, Welding Lines and many more services.